Mclaren 720s
Here is an image I created for Scalextric for the Mclaren 720s.

This was trying to replicate the same style of imagery that featured on Mclarens own website to promote the real car so much so that Mclaren approved this image to be used by Scalextric.
Here is an image I shot & retouched for the company Arnold which is owned under Hornby Hobbies Ltd the product featured is HN2421 which is only 4 inches in length.
Lamborghini Centenario
This was created for internal use but when people caught site of my image Scalextric wanted to use it so it had to go through licensing approval from Lamborghini.
The amendments came, which I carried out and was sent to Lamborghini again coming back approved.
Here we have the original image I created for Corgi Die-cast featuring the B-24 Liberator "Male Call"

A lot of work went into this image including stitching numerous shots to get the main aircraft all in focus removing all dust and scratches and finger prints then cutting out all the aircraft adding the effects like the contrails making the propellers spin adding filters to make the aircraft blend into the supplied background.
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