Born in Margate living in Ramsgate initially studied mechanical engineering in which I have a level 3 diploma, I found myself landing my first job as a photography assitant at Hornby Hobbies Ltd. 

After my friend sent a few emails to my boss showing my work in photography I recieved an email asking me to confirm a date for an interview.

I first started photography at local airports back in 2006 with my dads 35mm film point and shoot camera then a couple of years later a Fujifilm S8000fd just documenting all types of aircraft that visited that then lead me to opening my social media page "Manston Pictures" after I gathered a decent sized audience I thought I would put my money aside to buy a DSLR (Canon 600D) and get a version of Adobe Photoshop Elements 11 I taught myself how to use a camera and editting software as I couldn't afford to go to university


My work has been published in many magazines including Airliner World Magazine, Airfix World & Club magazines, and used on many sites including and  

2004 - 2009

The Hereson School 


2009 - 2012

Thanet College


Air Training Corps



Hornby Hobbies Ltd.

Photographer & Retoucher

2014 - Present

Photography, Retouching, Image manipulation, Box artwork

A lot of my time I am retouching imagery for Corgi Die-cast from Mini Coopers to Supermarine Spitfires

Since the decision was made by the company to close the offices in Europe It fell on me to take up photography & retouching for all the international brands on top of my current work load this included brands.  

Jouef, Arnold, Rivarossi, Lima, & Electrotren

With Hornby being one of the most recognisable brands in the toy industry it is important to deliver high quality imagery for the companies and clients website, catalogues, and box artwork some items can have up to 25 amendments wether this be a change of colour to a section of the model to adding or removing a piece that has been missed in the pre production phase.    

Other brands I have worked with:

Hornby, Humbrol, Scalextric, Airfix, Pocher, Jouef, Arnold, Rivarossi, Lima, & Electrotren